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Confronting Real(i)ty In Cambridge
May 6, 2015

This blog was written by Chuck Wilson, CEO of Unum Therapeutics, as part of the “From the Trenches” feature of LifeSciVC. This is an ongoing saga about finding a new home for my company, Unum Therapeutics. Google tells me that there


Nature Biotech Honors Some Of 2014’s Best Academic Startups
March 6, 2015

This afternoon Nature Biotechnology published its annual review of the “some of the best that academic research had to offer the startup world in 2014.” The article, in the March 2015 issue, covers the editors’ selections of the top startups

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The Entrepreneurial Diaspora Enabled By Biotech M&A
December 18, 2012

The recycling of equity capital through realized returns is a critically important element of biotech investing.  When public biotech companies get bought, like Genentech by Roche, or smaller deals like Cougar by J&J, a large number of biotech-focused equity funds


Shire & Atlas: Introducing Our New Strategic Alliance For Rare, Orphan Diseases
December 15, 2011

Today we announced a new strategic alliance with Shire Pharmaceutical’s to identify new opportunities for early stage venture creation aimed at addressing rare genetic diseases.  This collaboration brings unique expertise from Shire’s Human Genetic Therapies group together with our company creation


Efficient Market for Lab Space? Not in Boston
November 23, 2011

Cambridge/Boston continues to separate itself from other clusters around the U.S. as an area of significant growth: more Pharma hires are happening here with layoffs elsewhere, significant talent inflows from around the world, more lab space than most markets, and


SciCafe: Snapshots of four Hot Boston Labs
June 16, 2011

A great group of four researchers shared updates on their lab’s recent findings at this morning’s SciCafe in Boston.   Cancer, autoimmunity, stem cells – lots of great science. For those that don’t know SciCafe, here’s the background: Nature Biotech’s

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SmartCells, Smart Story: Lean Biotech, Large Return
June 13, 2011

Todd Zion, the founder of the adjustable insulin company, SmartCells, has done wonders for the Boston Life Science angel community – and reinvigorated their interest in funding therapeutics companies.  It’s a great story and Todd deserves the attention he’s been


URES 2011: Preview of 15 seed-stage Life Science finalists
March 24, 2011

We’re excited to be presenting the University Research & Entrepreneurship Symposium 2011 (URES) next week – it’s one of the premier seed-stage and academic startup conferences in the country.  As chair of the Life Science track, I thought it would

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Boston: #1 Cluster for Early Stage Biotech
March 14, 2011

We’re in an era of consolidation in our country’s biotech clusters.  The few regions with critical mass are accelerating their leadership in terms of both ‘mindshare’ and market share, and appear to be increasing the gap between themselves and the