Biotech IPO “Class of 2010″ Continues to Impress

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Matt Herper over at FORBES suggested I update and repost the “Glimmer of Hope” “Class of 2010″ biotech IPOs blog post, which I’ve now done, and the performance continues to impress:

The average and median performance of this “Class” is 33% and 21%, respectively – which is markedly better than all the recent prior classes’ performance.  Ventrus, Aegerion, AVEO, Complete Genomics, and Trius have all appreciated by more than 50% since their IPO.

Pretty impressive returns for the top half the group.   I’m still skeptical about most new IPOs, but much of this group certainly seems to be performing well.

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  • Anonymous

    Considering the S&P 500 was up about 30% over the same time period, the 2010 class of biotech IPOs have faired fairly well.  If you take out both outliers  – TNGN and VTUS – the 2010 biotech IPO numbers looks even better.  

    Hopefully the door will swing open even more in 2011 for biotech IPOs!

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