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Phil Needleman’s Ten Commandments of Drug R&D
March 27, 2013

Pharmaceutical R&D is a very low velocity, high cost process, which makes it hard for any individual to gather the large body of experience required to inform better decision-making.  This is why pharma’s embedded institutional knowledge should be the source


Life Science Venture Financing Terms: Favorable Five Year Trends
March 22, 2013

Euphoria in the markets seems like a common theme these days.  In fact, this week the NASDAQ Biotech Index (NBI) hit its all time high, even higher than in the 2000 genomics bubble.  It’s up 49% since Jan 2012.  Add


Immunokinase Drug Candidates: $12B in Value Creation and Counting
March 13, 2013

Immunokinase-directed therapeutics have been one of the highest returning drug classes for biotech investors in recent years.  Drugs that inhibit the JAK family, BTK, Syk, and PI3Kd have all generated impressive clinical validation in B- and T-cell diseases, and created


Preclinical Biotech Structured Deals: Reflections on 2013’s Solid Start
March 1, 2013

Several preclinical-stage biotechs have opted for the early Pharma structured buyout as their exit path in recent weeks: Resolve Therapeutics with Takeda, Zacharon with Biomarin, RQx Pharma with Genentech, and Lotus Tissue Repair with Shire. Here are the quick takes