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I’m an early stage venture capitalist.  Like my partners at Atlas Venture, I enjoy working with great scientists and entrepreneurs to start new biotech companies.  In short, we focus on seed-stage venture creation around the discovery and development of novel therapeutics.

Since joining Atlas in 2005, I’ve been involved in the founding and funding a number of innovative companies, with a particular focus on capital efficient models for drug R&D.   I’m co-founder/founding investor and currently board chair of AvroBio (NASDAQ:AVRO), Kymera Therapeutics, Hotspot Therapeutics, miRagen Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MGEN), Nimbus Therapeutics, Rodin Therapeutics, and Unum Therapeutics (NASDAQ:UMRX).  I also serve on the boards of Lysosomal Therapeutics, and Magenta Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MGTA), and a few seed-stage biotech companies.  Previously, I enjoyed serving on the boards of past Atlas companies Avila Therapeutics (acquired by Celgene), Padlock Therapeutics (acquired by BMS), Stromedix (acquired by Biogen), Prestwick (acquired by Biovail), and Proprius (acquired by Cypress Biosciences), among others.

Prior to Atlas, I was an investor with Caxton Health Holdings and before that, a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a global strategic management consulting firm.  While at McKinsey, I worked a lot with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to address R&D productivity issues, as well as portfolio management, new product commercialization, and business development.

I serve as an advisor in various capacities to UCB, Takeda, and the Gates Foundation. I also serve on the board of the National Venture Capital Association.

In addition to writing this blog, which is also syndicated at Forbes, I’ve had the good fortune to publish a bunch of scientific papers and various biotech venture capital review articles, including several in Nature Biotechnology.  As a British Marshall Scholar, I received a D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in molecular immunology from Oxford University, where I was focused on the study of HIV and tumor immune responses.  I did my undergrad in biochemistry from Penn State, and remain a keen alumnus.

I live in Wellesley, MA, am married to a wonderful woman, and have three great kids.  In my spare time, I’m an active snow sports junkie, runner, biker, outdoorsman, and fly fisherman.

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