Monthly Archives: October 2016

Onboarding New Talent: Post-IPO Turnover Of Biotech Boards
October 31, 2016

A biotech’s Board often plays important roles in shaping the company’s success or failure: contributing strategic guidance, providing proper governance, stewarding fiduciary responsibilities, raising a startups’ profile, aiding business development, to name a few. Over the life of a biotech,

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Specialist Fund Flows Help Fuel The Biotech Capital Markets
October 17, 2016

Fund flows between sectors are a critically important dynamic in the equity capital markets: when net fund flows are positive, more demand for equity exists and stock price movement bias upwards; conversely, when fund flows are negative, the selling pressure

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Exploring Company Contributions To The Origination Of New Medicines
October 13, 2016

A new FDA approval marks a major milestone in the biopharmaceutical business; relatively few biopharma companies are ever able to lay claim to having discovered, developed, or marketed a recently approved medicine. As of mid-October, the FDA has approved 17

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