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Want Better Odds? Get a Pharma Corporate VC to Invest
May 22, 2012

Pharma corporate venture was back in the biotech news today with the release of Burrill & Company’s June 2012 report.  An interesting article by Vinay Singh evaluated the impact of Pharma corporate venture capital (CVC) investing, and the key takeaway


Not-so-Breaking News: The VC Model Needs Retooling
May 15, 2012

“We Have Met the Enemy… And He is Us” is the very fitting title of a recent report on the state of the VC market with a focus on the GP-LP relationship.  This thoughtful and thankfully analytical report highlights a


Biotech Past, Biotech Present: Reflections on the IPO Window of 1991-1994
May 2, 2012

Twenty years ago the biotech world was in the midst of one of the best IPO windows in its history.  Nearly a hundred biotech companies went public from 1991-1994, including a number of the great companies that have become household