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Psychology and Physiology of the Biotech Markets Today
October 30, 2015

Imagine you were an investor version of Rip Van Winkle. You went to sleep in October 2012 and woke up today. You’d take a quick look at biotech and think we were in a raging bull market. A few thoughts

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Within Venture, A Booming Biotech Sector Is Shrinking
October 19, 2015

Venture capital in biotech has had a great run over the past few years: funding going to private biotech companies is at historic highs, new venture funds are getting raised, and exits have been happening via robust IPO and M&A

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Finding Redemption: Going From Bleeding Edge To Leading Edge In Drug Discovery
October 5, 2015

This blog was written by Vanessa King, CEO of Luc Therapeutics (f.k.a. Mnemosyne Pharmaceuticals), as part of the “From the Trenches” feature of LifeSciVC. High winds and cold rain certainly make a first impression – and that was even before I’d

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Celebrating The “Fierce Four” of Atlas Venture
October 1, 2015

Yesterday we were excited to see four Atlas portfolio companies selected to receive “Fierce15” awards from FierceBiotech as part of the 2015 “class”. It’s a wonderful honor for them, and for Atlas, and thought it a great moment to reflect

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