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The Long Term Bullish Case for Pharma
August 26, 2011

Not a day goes by that pundits aren’t bemoaning the struggles of the drug industry: R&D productivity declines, FDA uncertainties, restructurings and downsizings, payor and reimbursement dynamics, pricing pressures, generics and patent cliffs, etc…   Many critics worry about  slowing growth


Favorable 1H2011 Biotech M&A Trends
August 11, 2011

Our friends at HBM Partners just published their quarterly Biotech/Pharma M&A report.  Its got some good nuggets of data in it about 1H2011. Although its hard to think about in the midst of the Great August Rollercoaster in the markets,

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Mythbuster: Does Tech have a faster time to exit vs Biotech?
August 9, 2011

A few weeks ago I wrote a pair of blogs comparing Tech vs Life Science venture capital backed investments: one was on returns in the 2000’s where LS beat out Tech investing (highlighting a Nature Biotech article Bijan Salehizadeh of Highland Capital