Monthly Archives: October 2011

Two (Micro) Reasons to be Excited About RNA Therapeutics
October 18, 2011

Like many technologies that move from hot discoveries on the cover of Nature to the practical ugly sausage-making of drug development, RNA-based therapeutics have been widely derided of late.  It seems everyone from Wall Street to Pharma to venture capital


Culprits of Biotech’s Malaise: Let’s Also Look in the Mirror
October 12, 2011

Malaise and despair seem to have taken over the biotech venture and startup community of late. “Venture’s stress” is the cover story of BioCentury.  Biotech VCs are so distraught they are taking the case to Washington DC to lament the fate


Early Stage Biotech Financing: Fewer, Leaner, and Better?
October 2, 2011

With lots of venture investors fleeing early stage biotech over the past few years, many have questioned where the next vintage of great startup companies will come from.  This theme was touched on a few weeks ago in my post