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A Hat Trick Of Cell And Gene Therapy IPOs: Avro, Magenta, and Unum
June 28, 2018

Last week, AvroBio and Magenta Therapeutics priced their IPOs on the same night. Less than three months earlier, Unum Therapeutics priced its IPO. All three biotech companies are emerging leaders in the cell and gene therapy space, broadly defined. They

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Two CARTs, Two Charts: Dissecting Returns From T-Cell Therapy M&A
January 23, 2018

Yesterday Celgene finalized its acquisition of Juno Therapeutics for $9B, only a few short months after Gilead bought Kite Pharma for $11.9B. With only a few hundred patients ever treated with their therapies, $20B represents a lot of promise in

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Standing On The Shoulders Of Stem Cell Gene Therapists: History, Hyperbole And Hope For The Future
July 7, 2016

This post was written by Jason Gardner, Atlas EIR and CEO of Magenta Therapeutics, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC. A new type of medicine was approved in Europe at the end of May that culminated

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