Introducing A New Blog Feature: A View ‘From The Trenches’ Of Biotech

Posted February 28th, 2014 in Atlas Venture

Three years ago this month I started this LifeSciVC blog experiment and its been more fun and rewarding than I would have expected. As I wrote in my first post, the reasons I started blogging were to add a voice from the biotech venture community to the tech-dominated blogosphere, share a data-informed perspective about life science market dynamics and strategies, and leverage the power of social media to connect and communicate with others. 

Those reasons still hold today, and I’d encourage others to give it a shot.  We still need more voices, and there are too many folks in the biotech venture and startup community that remain largely on the sidelines in the social media arena.  Blogging presents an opportunity to share perspectives, foster healthy debate, and improve the overall intellectual robustness of our sector.  It also opens up a medium to communicate with a broader set of constituents: beyond bioentrepreneurs and other investors, blogging can reach pundits, reporters, analysts, academics, students, Pharma exec’s, LPs, and many others.  To date, LifeSciVC has had over 400K visitors across the site and Forbes postings, as I mentioned in this “Best of” post a few months ago.

So it’s with that sentiment in mind, and a desire to expand the reach and diversity of the content on this blog, that I’ve enlisted a crew of entrepreneurs from Atlas’ friends & family to join this blog as contributors and share their view “From the Trenches” of the startup world (new tab above forthcoming).

Here’s the Atlas biotech gang of eight:

These eight contributors will likely over a wide-range of topics – from different startup strategies and management philosophies, to specific practical and tactical observations of what works and what doesn’t.  Perhaps what VCs they actually like and don’t like (ok, maybe not that one).  Hopefully, they’ll each have time to generate a few pieces a year to toss into the mix.

In some ways, this is Part 2 of this blog’s experiment – if it works and adds something to the ecosystem, we’ll keep doing it. If not, we’ll move on and stay focused on our day jobs. Feedback much appreciated.

Expect Mike’s first one on Monday morning.





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  • david

    For those of us who have been living in the “trenches” for a long while it will be great to hear more war stories and insights. Kudos Bruce. Might be nice to add one or two “non venture backed” folks to the mix – give the world of view of the less glamorous side of things.

  • ClarkExecSearch

    I look forward to these next guest posts. Your blog is always enlightening. Thank you

  • Good initiative, I look forward to the wider perspective

  • bigredbruce

    I enjoy reading your commentary on the VC environment with biopharma and especially enjoy your data analyses of various industry features. It is always good to get your persepctive as a “person in the trenches” and I look forward to getting more views from others similarly situated.