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Acquisitions As The Silent Partner In Biotech Liquidity: IPO vs M&A Exit Paths
October 27, 2014

With the biotech IPO window still open for business, and valuations of the recent classes of 2013 and 2014 remaining robust, all eyes have been focused on this part of the value chain.  Significant mezzanine pre-IPO rounds are getting done


Soothing Chronic Pain: Quartet’s Debut
October 23, 2014

This blog was written by Kevin Pojasek, co-founder, President, and acting CEO of Quartet Medicine, as part of the “From the Trenches” feature of LifeSciVC.   Addressing unmet need in chronic pain In the mid-1990’s, the American Pain Society and the Veterans

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Cellular Immunotherapy & Unum Therapeutics: Out of Many, One
October 21, 2014

More exciting news has emerged from the immuno-oncology field over the past couple weeks from both Penn/Novartis and NCI/Kite.  The former released new CAR-T data, widely heralded as “unprecedented” in its efficacy: in a trial of relapsed, refractory ALL patients,


Fueling Up To Attack Cancer: Two Big Startup Financings
October 14, 2014

Immuno-oncology, antibody-drug conjugates, and cancer metabolism are three of the hottest and potentially most transformative approaches in cancer research today, and have occupied center stage at recent oncology meetings like ASCO and AACR (here, here). The immuno-oncology (I/O) field has

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Synthetic Biology Meets The Microbiome: Synlogic
October 7, 2014

Today Synlogic announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joined the Series A financing to help power up its platform around developing therapeutic microbes (here).  Combining compelling elements of two exciting fields – engineering organisms with synthetic biology and

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Big Pharma Execs Taking The Biotech Plunge
October 6, 2014

That’s the dilemma facing drug hunters as leadership roles in biotech become more and more attractive.  You may have noticed that more and more seasoned pharma executives are making the move from big pharma or big biotech to lead small

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Atlas Venture: The Next Chapter
October 2, 2014

Today we’re excited to announce a new chapter in the Atlas story – we are transitioning from our ‘two franchise, one firm’ diversified venture model into two specialized, independent firms focused on technology and life sciences investing, in order to better capture

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Atlas Wins A Rhodes’ Scholarship
September 29, 2014

Thrilled to announce today that Jason Rhodes is joining Atlas! Many of you already know Jason, but here’s the scoop. He was the President and CFO at Epizyme, where he was instrumental in architecting the company’s incredible journey from epigenetics drug discovery

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Talent: The Biggest Issue In Biotech Boardrooms Today
September 25, 2014

As with everything in life, it’s always about the people.  Bet the jockey, not the horse.  Great entrepreneurs and C-level executives are very hard to come by in R&D-intensive biotech companies, and its probably one of the biggest bottlenecks in


Early Stage Biotech Venture Scarcity: Fitness, Fear, And Greed
September 22, 2014

The ever-shrinking number of biotech venture capital firms was a common refrain during the 2008-2012 period; it’s true that a large number of firms went under, closed their doors for new investments, or moved into zombie status.  I wrote on


Follow The Patients: The Case For Neuroscience And Other “Challenging” Fields
September 11, 2014

This blog was written by Ankit Mahadevia, CBO of Rodin Therapeutics and Spero Therapeutics, as part of the “From the Trenches” feature of LifeSciVC. There’s an ebb and flow in our business around interest in specific therapeutic areas; hot TAs such

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Startups, Exits, And Ecosystem Flux: Bullish For Biotech
September 8, 2014

The world is awash in cool new tech startups and poised for “A Cambrian Moment”, according to a recent special report from the Economist. For those that haven’t read it, it’s a very interesting set of articles about the trends