Top Ten Most Engaging LifeSciVC Posts Of 2015

Posted December 28th, 2015 in Bioentrepreneurship, Biotech financing, Exits IPOs M&As, External R&D, Talent

As 2015 comes to a conclusion, it’s a good time reflect on the year’s progress – celebrating the wins, thinking through the losses, and learning from both.

One specific reflection of late regards this blog: I’ve looked back at the 58 pieces that were posted on the LifeSciVC blog in 2015, either from me or from a set of Atlas’ entrepreneurs in the From The Trenches feature. I thought it may be of value to readers to see a curated list of ten of the posts that were “most engaging” to this blog’s overall audience (either by numbers of visits, time on site, or dialogue thereafter).

Here are five of the most engaging blog posts from 2015, ordered by date:

To focus on refreshing with older material, I’ve left out three recent posts from the above list that also had great reader engagement (Celgene’s BD strategy, gene & cell therapy’s outside-in development, and a decade’s changes to venture creation).

Here are five of “From The Trenches” posts with high levels of engagement from 2015, also ordered by date:

We are hoping to expand the roster of “From The Trenches” writers to a few more Atlas’ entrepreneurs in 2016.  More later on that.

One final reflection: this blog has been going for almost five years, and am always on the look out for good, relevant, substantive topics. I’d welcome readers’ input on this – what they find most valuable or interesting, or topics I’ve not covered that may be worth covering – so feel free to reach out via email or the comment section below.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016!

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