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In Defense Of Early Stage Biotech IPOs
March 28, 2022

There’s “just too many early stage companies going public”, or so goes one of the most common lamentations about the current state of the biotech market. I’ve read a good deal of venting covering this theme, including comments about VCs

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Innovation Ecosystem: A Year Of Risk-Off Correlations
March 21, 2022

Misery loves company, and so it goes with the stock market for the innovation ecosystem these days. The general risk-off market environment has been crushing both the emerging tech and biotech sectors alike. Last year, generalists in many ways capitulated

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SPAC downpour continues
July 9, 2021

By Sam Truex, Venture Partner at Atlas Venture, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC. Holy cow, have we seen the rain lately – both downpours outside and a downpour of SPAC activity. In October 2020, Bruce

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Evolution Of The Biotech IPO Markets From Busted To Booming
September 21, 2020

In the excitement of today’s biotech IPO market, and the bullish period since 2013, it’s almost hard to remember how painful the equity capital markets were back in the day. When I began my career in venture capital in 2004,

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Value Creation And Destruction: Dispersion of Performance In Biotech IPOs
April 17, 2020

The biotech IPO market in 2020 remains strong, despite the volatility and COVID headwinds. We’ve seen stellar pricings and good after-market performance, with ten new offerings already this year. And the queue for companies with active S1’s on file is

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2018’s Biotech IPO Bonanza: View From the After Market
October 17, 2018

2018 has so far been another gangbuster year for biotech IPOs: the first three quarters of the year have delivered nearly 50 new biotech offerings, reinforcing the strong new issuance performance of the past 6 years. With lots of pundits

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Biotech IPOs: Outliers, Value Creation, And The Dispersion Of Returns
September 27, 2016

Although many wrote off the biotech IPO markets as moribund earlier in 2016, the sector has been quietly issuing a steady stream of new offerings. Despite the volatility related to drug pricing, and disastrous first six-weeks of the year, we’ve

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Biotech’s Paradox: A Robustly Valued, Highly Active, And Seemingly Terrible IPO Market
July 14, 2016

After five very strong years, biotech as a sector has struggled to catalyze positive investor sentiment so far for the past twelve months. In a disastrous start to the year, the NASDAQ Biotech Index shed 30% in just the first

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VC-Backed Biotech IPOs: Valuations And Virtuous Cycles
August 4, 2014

As everyone in biotech knows, the last eighteen months have been an unprecedented time in the public capital markets.   2014 is on track to become the best year ever for life science IPOs, topping both 2013 and 2000.  Last week

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Lessons From An IPO
July 22, 2014

Raising money is a huge part of being a CEO, but nothing can fully prepare you for the experience of taking your company public.   Together with our team at Zafgen, I recently had the experience of taking our company public